"We had a great experience working with Lockbox.  Their structure allowed us to pair their production expertise with the director we needed and we were thrilled with the final product.  Everyone we encountered at Lockbox from the 1st call with the EP to the PA's on set were not only experienced and professional, but a real pleasure to work with."

Doug Megill
Executive Producer
Digitas Health

"I've been shooting with Toni Bashinelli and Lockbox for the better part of 5 years, and she never ceases to amaze me. Shoot environments are complex to orchestrate, with plenty of moving parts to keep moving according to plan. Toni does it all with ease and grace.

Often, when inspiration and/or adversity strikes, the shoot environment needs to change to accommodate the sudden change in plans. Toni always finds a way to make it work, ensuring a stable production foundation that leaves my team and I free to get the shots we need for our projects. Toni is the consummate collaborator, facilitating a solid rapport between creatives and photographers. When we work with Lockbox, we get a production experience that yields a great finished product -- and great memories."

Michele Monteforte
Creative Director
CDMi Connect

"I've been lucky enough to work with Tim, Toni and the Lockbox team over the years. Every production is buttoned up and they keep the days flowing. The energy is always great, and I have to say I am delighted every time I see them. Not to mention, they always have the best T-shirts. :) … But seriously, I recommend them highly. They are terrific on small projects as well as large scale shoots. When you work with this group you can be sure your production will sail smoothly."

Kenneth Zane
Senior Art Producer
Digitas Health|Razorfish

"I had the pleasure of working with Tim Willis and Lockbox on a complex and detailed photoshoot two years ago. Not only was it one of the smoothest and most efficient productions I've ever worked on, Tim and his crew made it fun and stress free for everyone involved. I look forward to working with them again!"

Arleen D'Amico
VP Art Production Supervisor

"Tim Willis and Lockbox Productions have been "the guys behind the guys behind the camera" for several of our shoots over the past few years. Every aspect of logistics is always seamless and invisible to our team, so we can focus on the work. I've never been part of any shoot better planned, organized, and executed than the work we've done with Lockbox. "

Jeff Cook
Creative Director
Global Marketing Communications & Channel Strategies
Merck & Co., Inc.


"My very first experience working on a large production photo shoot was a challenge. When it came time to plan for a new one, my current producer was unavailable, but she recommended a company named Lockbox. Now, I would not use anyone else. They are the most professional, have the best contacts for my client's needs and are continually looking for ways to make my job easier. From streamlined scheduling, access to the best vendors and the most coveted locations to shoot, Lockbox handles it all. Plus, they make the process efficient, productive and always come in on (or under) budget. Kudos!"

Darcel Yarrington
Associate Creative Director
Meredith Integrated Marketing


"I've been at Reebok for many years and have done countless photoshoots. Since I began working with Lockbox I've never felt the need to look elsewhere for a production agency. They are a one-stop shopping experience – from location & talent scouting, to hair, makeup and wardrobe,  They provide an overall amazing production calendar, always kept my team in check, on budget and fully flexible to the ever changing needs of a photoshoot. Anyone who uses them – is lucky enough to use them!

Janet Ries
Global Director Creative/Retail Design
Reebok International Ltd.


"I worked with Lockbox on a major 4 day shoot in the wilderness. These guys really set the standard for me for what a production company should deliver. Everything was like clockwork, most everything happened according to plan, and anything that didn't was tackled with some excellent problem solving. And my clients felt like they were getting the red carpet treatment, even though we were in the middle of the woods. These guys are total pros, and if I could ask for production companies by name, I would ask for Lockbox."

Tim Hawkey
Executive Creative Director
DRAFTFCB Healthcare


"Working with Lockbox has always been a great experience! Their producers are very knowledgeable about the business and are always fun to work with.  I never worry about a project when I work with them! I know I'm in good hands."

Hannah Wolfert
Art Producer 
InServ | GSW Worldwide | inVentiv Health


"Working with Lockbox Productions has consistently been a great experience. They are highly qualified professionals who truly understand the production business. They have always made our very tight deadlines, within budget and continue to offer advice and guidance. They are true partners in both photography and video production."

Linda Carter
Director Creative Services
Reebok International Ltd


"I've always said that great production is seamless and almost unnoticeable, bad production is apparent and painful. I've had the pleasure of working pain-free with Lockbox for over five years with almost everyone in the company. Even though we have an aggressive shoot cadence, I never have to be concerned with any of the logistics of planning or executing shoots with Lockbox. This stellar crew works above and beyond for their clients and I would recommend them to all of my retail and advertising peers. Simply summed up, Lockbox makes it happen."

Heidi L. Williams
Director of Creative


"For the past 2 years, Lockbox has redefined everything I thought I knew about production. As a Creative Director, I have always longed to leave the details of a shoot behind, so that I might fully focus on the creative. Since forming a working relationship with Lockbox Productions, this process has become fully realized. As we approach a shoot, like a stone that becomes a sculpture, the production begins to reveal itself. Every detail managed, every nuance of the vision ready and in place. They have made me a better Creative Director; they've made my company a better brand. As is a sign of the times, this may or may not be my last place of employment, but Lockbox will be a relationship that I'm sure to sustain. The team, the laughs and the results are greatly appreciated."

Brett Dean
Vice President, Creative Director

"Working with Lockbox takes all the worry off my shoulders, with one phone call! I know that whatever they promised, they will deliver on...and within budget! Toni comes up with creative solutions to whatever curveball is thrown her way. She has amazing resources in every city we have ever requested and is great at suggesting cities based on our needs. When we arrive the casting has been completed, locations have been thoroughly scouted, and we are given a clear itinerary and shooting schedule. How we get around, where we stay and where we eat is all taken care of with that one phone call. She's done an amazing job, not just in learning our business, but also in understanding the people within our business. It's always a pleasure to work with Lockbox and the teams they put together for us!"

Erin Miller
Creative Manager
Famous Footwear